SpeciesShoulder MountsLife Size
North American Big Game
Whitetail $500.00$2250.00 Starting Price
Whitetail- Doe $450.00$2200.00
Antelope $500.00$2200.00
Elk$1100.00$5500.00 Starting Price
Mule Deer$550.00$2500.00 Starting Price
Wild Boar$600.00$2100.00
Black Bear$600.00$2300.00 Starting Price
Caribou$900.00$3200.00 Starting Price
North American Small Mammals
Bobcat $400.00$600.00
Wolf$500.00$1250.00 Starting Price
Tanning done by MYPT is for Bear Rugging only, we no longer do flat hide tanning. If you call I can refer you to a good taxidermist that will be more than happy to help you.
Ducks and Geese
All Species of ducks Flying/Standing $260.00
All Species of Geese Flying/Standing $450.00
All poses $650.00
Open mouth/Gobbling Add $25.00

Rug $350.00

Tail, Beard and Spurs $150.00

Tail, Beard, Spurs and Wings $250.00
Upland Birds
Pheasant $250.00
Freshwater Fish / Coldwater Fish
Largemouth$14.00 per inch
Smallmouth$14.00 per inch
Crappie$250.00 each
Bluegill$200.00 each
Walleye$14.00 per inch
Perch$250.00 each
Salmon$18.00 per inch
Trout$18.00 per inch
Char$18.00 per inch
Reproduction Fish Mounts
Fresh or Saltwater$20.00 per inch
Note: Minimum price for fish is set at $150.00. All mounts include quality cedar driftwood unless the customer wants a more artistic display for their trophy. Display work will be priced on a cost plus basis and the customer will dictate the design. Fish repair and repaint work will be charged at a shop rate of $50.00 plus materials If a customer wants his or her trophy to be painted and viewable 360 degrees add 50% to the total cost of the fish.
Rugs and Skulls
Bear Skulls -with panel$250.00
Deer Rack Mounts$175.00
Deer Skull- with panel$250.00
Elk rack Mount$250.00
Elk Skull-with panel$350.00
Moose Rack Mount$250.00
Moose Skull-with panel$350.00
Caribou Rack Mount$250.00
Caribou Skull-with panel$350.00
Deer Feet$100.00 per pair
Black Bear - $210.00 per foot
All other rugs will be priced on request, please call.
Please note:
• All mounts are priced with basic display materials such as driftwood for birds and fish.
• Any habitat work that is beyond the basic will be charged on a cost plus basis according to what the customer has requested.
• Wall Pedestal forms require additional finish work and are charged a $75.00 up charge.
• Floor Pedestal mounts are quoted on a per job basis, it all depends on what the customer wants.
• Wood panels on shoulder forms are extra, panels are customer’s choice.
• Any mounts that require open mouth work are charged $125 to $225 extra depending on the animal.
• All work requires a deposit of 50% before mounting work begins.
• All crating and Shipping will be charged at the going rates at the time of request.
• Turn-around times vary from year to year, they are established on a first come first serve basis and are driven by work load.
• This price list is built, listing the most common mounts that we work on. That does not mean that if it is not listed we can’t do it.
Thank you for your interest in Mount Your Pride Taxidermy and visiting my Website. I would be more than happy to help you retain your memory of the hunt by doing quality taxidermy for you to display for years to come.

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